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Jack's Back...and so are the Russians!

In Jack's latest work, "Mandate", a US Senator has been brutally murdered in Rio de Janeiro and under very compromising circumstances. Riston's new detective character, Arlo DuPlesser, meets with the dead Senator's beautiful wife, who just happens to be next in line to be the CEO of a major US Defense Contractor. She has the clue that will unravel the mystery but will also unveil a naked attempt to take over the US Government.

Just like Arlo, you'll be wondering right to the very end "who dunnit". Was it the beautiful, but possibly jealous wife? Or, did the Senator uncover something very unseemly about the company and the millions that his wife was destined to inherit? Was it an angry Rio lover? Or, possibly the Russians are the culprits?

What Arlo discovers will lead to the highest levels of government, right to the Oval Office. And, you will never again look at the U.S. Constitution in the same way after reading this book.

Don’t miss...MANDATE!

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