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  Born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1947, Jack is now retired and makes his home in Shasta, California, where he can combine his love of the outdoors with an equal love of writing. Jack Riston spent 20 years in the US Air Force as an intelligence officer, not only amassing an eye for detail, but a penchant for the odd and unusual dossier of information about power and its corrupting influences. He also observed the forces arrayed against America, both external and internal. Then, upon retirement, Jack wove his military experiences into high school US history classes back in
his home town of Lincoln. Finally, upon full retirement, he combined his love of history and country into action-packed novels that will keep you awake until the very last pages of intrigue are read.
     Riston takes historical fact and weaves it into fictional novels that seem to leap right from the front pages of the worlds newspapers, while giving you comfort that someone may be out there who is dedicated to saving America at any cost. These are no-holds-barred political action thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Riston bravely takes on all terrorist threats: Al Queda, the outside force that wants to destroy America; and those internal political threats that want to fundamentally change America from what the Founders envisioned, dismantle it, and rebuild it into some long-discredited utopian vision. Santayana said that those who did not know history were doomed to repeat it, and Jack Riston wants to make sure that you know history, all while having a rollicking good read.
     Take the time to read the first few chapters of “For All The Marbles” and “Mandate”. Then, you make the decision! Are the plots mere fiction, or could they really happen? Read, and then you be the judge! You decide whether America, with its own history of mistakes and errors deserves to suffer the fate envisioned by Riston’s all-too-believable bad actors, or whether your own existence will put you on the side of Riston’s flawed but dedicated heroes who put their own lives on the line to save the lives of their fellow countrymen and the future of America.
What’s Next?
A story teller at heart, Jack continues to consume news of current events, as well as information from America’s founding and history, weaving bits and pieces of it all into his novels of tomorrow.